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Agents/Landlords can register on St Andrews University Studentpad to advertise student accommodation, houses, flats, lodgings and properties available within the St Andrews area.

Once registered, you can start advertising property(ies) on this website. You will also have unlimited access to the Controlpad, our latest web based property management software.

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Please note that Advertising Terms & Conditions apply to any contract to advertise your property and that by completing and submitting your details, it will be deemed that you have read and accepted those conditions.


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Tenant Information Packs - From May 2013 landlords are required to provide their tenants with TENANT INFORMATION PACKS. For more information please visit the link provided.

Repairing Standard (legal requirement)
Landlord Registration (legal requirement) - or e-mail
Private letting –Good Practice Government website - Private letting –Good Practice Government website and Copy of The National Core Standards and Good Practice Guidance for Private Landlords
Government website - Government website
Shelter (Scotland only section) - Housing organisation/advice/publications
Chartered Institute of Housing
National Landlord Accreditation (Scottish Government voluntary scheme)
Fife Local Authority
Independent Housing Advice
Tax relief and allowances for private landlords
Scottish Association of Landlords
National Landlords Association
Map and key locations within St Andrews
St Andrews Landlord Forum - Welcome to the St Andrews Landlord Forum. It's FREE to use and is intended for the sole use of landlords to discuss topics with other landlords.
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Charter of Understanding between Landlords and Student Tenants of St Andrews

The aim of this charter is to promote goodwill and good relations between the landlords and estate agents of St Andrews and their student tenants by providing a code of conduct for both parties.

We ask that all landlords or agents who advertise through Studentpad agree to the following:

Entry and application
That in selecting new tenants, the landlord will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, or sexuality
That the landlord will not encourage queuing for new properties
The property will be in a clean condition upon entry of the new tenants
That the landlord will provide a full inventory of all items contained within the property
That every bedroom will contain at least a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and desk per occupant
That adequate food storage and cooking facilities will be provided

Upkeep of the property
To maintain the property to the Repairing Standard (Scotland) which includes the maintenance of all fittings and fixtures in a serviceable condition, except in the case of wilful damage, and maintaining service supply and installations in proper working order (such as electricity, gas, heating and plumbing)
To ensure that any services included in the contract, such as gardening or cleaning provision, are carried out frequently
To attend to emergency repairs within 24 hours of notification
To attend to urgent repairs within 5 working days of notification
To carry out all other repairs within 21 working days of notification
To give at least 24 hours notice to the tenants before entering the property, except in an emergency

To maintain the property to the Repairing Standard (Scotland) which includes ensuring that smoke detectors are fitted throughout the property and regularly serviced
To ensure that in all properties using gas or combustible fuels that carbon monoxide detectors are fitted and regularly serviced
To ensure that gas and electrical safety inspections are carried out annually to portable electrical appliances, and to carry out periodic inspections every three years
To provide emergency contact details to the tenants

That the amount of the deposit will not exceed the sum of two months rent
Any money deducted from the deposit at the end of the tenancy will be fully explained, including provision of receipts
Any deductions from the deposit for replacement of items or fittings and fixtures (such as carpets) will take fully into account wear and tear
That the deposit will be returned to the tenants within 28 days of the end of the tenancy agreement
In fulfilling the legal terms of their contract, the tenant should agree to:

To pay the full amount of rent for the entirety of the agreed tenancy
To pay the full amount of rent at the time agreed with the landlord (every month/quarter as agreed)
To communicate regularly with their landlord/agent and give sufficient notice if rent payment will be delayed

Upkeep of the property
To maintain the property to satisfactory standards of cleanliness throughout the year
To ensure that all refuse is uplifted in accordance with Council arrangements, especially at the end of the tenancy
To cooperate with the landlord with regular cleaning inspections if desired
To pay all utility and service bills (if not provided for in the contract) on time
Not to tamper with safety equipment such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers
To regularly check fire alarms and keep a record if necessary for HMO regulations
To report any damages to the property to the landlord within one working day
Not to affect any wilful damage to the property or its contents
To return the property at the end of the tenancy in the same state it was received

Relations with the town
To act as a good neighbour
To act conscientiously by keeping noise levels to a minimum, especially after 10pm


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